Assignment 1: Scroll Candy Inc. target audience

The proliferation of fake news affects every single social media user in the world, but in order to reach multiple defined populations, we have narrowed this audience to those who will evangelise others. This population is defined as male and female Australian university students between the ages of 18 and 25. The reasoning behind this… Continue reading Assignment 1: Scroll Candy Inc. target audience

Assignment 1 · Social Media Communication

Sydney Conservatorium of Music -Lunchbreak Concert Series

As a world-class music venue in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) is well positioned to connect with the University’s vast untapped student cohort, and the hundreds of office workers looking for Free Music to Free the Mind during lunch. The SCM wants to increase audience numbers to its concerts… Continue reading Sydney Conservatorium of Music -Lunchbreak Concert Series


#bethefilter target audience brief- Teletubbies

Target audience brief We set our first priority target audience as young people from 18-24 year old, especially those who spent 9 hours a day using media, report says from CNN. (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/03/health/teens-tweens-media-screen-use-report/) There Is a research from ACMA shows that, At June 2015, over 935,000 teens had gone online in the previous four weeks. That’s… Continue reading #bethefilter target audience brief- Teletubbies