Weekly Wrap

Week One Wrap

It was a tubulous start to our first week of Social Media Communication. Thanks to those of you who had to shift your classes and those who had to share their education spaces with the students from Tuesday. Obviously some of you could not make it, so here is a recap of the material we covered.


Social Media…

  • Think about social media beyond the stronghold of Facebook and Twitter
  • We might like to think about it from two perspectives: a neoliberal ‘consumer’ base and a socially engaged ‘citizen’ base
  • Extends across platforms
  • Blends personal and professional identities

What does it mean to be ‘social’?

  • Perhaps it’s conversing with family and friends? Business reasons? Cultural reasons?
  • It’s a desire to be intimate with others?
  • Discussion on sociology theory – think Durkheim

What’s social about social media?

  • Group discussion 5 minutes

Social Media: Media and Communication perspective

  • How do we represent ourselves online/offline?
  • Is there a distinction between who we are in different spaces?


  • Online communities – what are these and how have they developed into networked publics
  • The pattern of sociability in the networked society is the combination of identification and individualism which is represented as networked individualism – Castells (2007) drawing on communication networks

Online Identity

  • “Computer mediated communication may also assist individuals in presenting identity in a way that seeks to be truthful” Jeremy Harris Lipschultz
  • Again we are understanding the online cultures around us, identifying the norms and interacting or performing ourselves in that environment

Self Representation

  • Who are we then in our online spaces?
  • Mass self communication?
  • Mass communication is placing communication to the masses – sender to many receivers, with or without feedback loops
  • What does this mean against a backdrop of enabling communication technologies?
  • What are the generated discourses?

Regulations, T&Cs

  • We will return to this in future weeks, but let’s think about this now
  • Given what we have discussed, how are platform regulations constructed?

WEB 2.0

  • State of being post dot com crash
  • Shift from one way to many ways
  • Significance placed on co-creation, UCC, collaboration, etc

Used or Being Used?

  • Social media technologies enable us to participate and communicate with our networks
  • Extreme libertarianism through flat hierarchical technologies
  • No taming the beast –
  • Controlling – refer to p 24 Andrejevic approach with Livingstone quote
  • Profiling user activities
  • Not to be presented as a dichotomous argument, but rather as a spectrum


I have contacted the publisher and am awaiting a reply, in the meantime I have had two great tips from you: you can buy it from Google Books ($27) and Amazon also has copies available. I’m not entirely sure what has happened here considering they had a suitable amount of copies available a few weeks back.


You should now have a solid idea on the social media campaign you wish to design. Please start thinking about the platforms you might use and watch how other social media producers work in this space. Think of your target audience, the key message(s) and how best to disseminate those messages.

Next week’s class

We will not be in the classroom next week and will instead have a combination of pre-recorded lectures, a Twitter seminar and Google Hangouts.

Pre-recorded lectures

Next week’s lecture will be available on this blog. Please start your class at the usual time, for example Wednesday 5pm, to go through the content.

Google Hangouts

I will start the Hangout at:

Tuesday Class (28th): 7pm

Wednesday Class (29th): 6pm

Thursday Class (30th): 1pm

For those in the Tuesday class, could you email me your preferred email address to send you the Google invitation (preferably a gmail account). I will start each Hangout at the time above and invite you all to accept and participate. If that proves to be problematic, I will share the link with you via email when it is live and ask you to join then.


We only have one Twitter seminar each week and next week is Tuesday 28 April, 6pm. We will be joined by Jeniffer Lam (@jenius) from Bamboo Garden to talk through designing a social media strategy. This is your chance to ask her how to approach your projects. Please use the hashtag #meco6936, and I suggest using Tweetdeck to follow the conversation [https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/]. You can log in with your Twitter account, search for #meco6936, add the column to your deck and then follow the conversation in real time. If you cannot make it to the session, I will capture the session via Storify and publish on our blog.