Assessment 3

Similarities and differences between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Name: Kiki Wu

Tutor: Kai Soh

MECO6936: Online Article and Comments



In today’s society, social media has deeply integrated into our life. If we want to use social media to promote a brand effectively, we should know about their similarities and differences. Obviously, different social media platforms have different characteristics, which lead to different user groups. In this post, the core concepts that I will be discussing are what differences and similarities between Facebook, twitter and Instagram and I will also be discussing how the brand uses these similarities and differences to promote their images and products. I will use ASOS as a successful case to analysis my core concept. First, I will discuss the differences between them.



Facebook has most users among these platforms.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.01.50 AM

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.33.27 PM

Facebook is a diversified social media platform. It not the platform that we just only put our posts on it. It has many functions. According to my researches, the average age of Facebook users is between 25-34. The number of Male more than female. These age people like to watch video online. So Facebook can upload long video on the page. This is a special characteristic among these platforms. Generally, youth people who don’t like to watch entire video. They prefer quick messages like pictures with short contents. They love to read short posts and news. That’s the reason why more youth people tends to Instagram instead of Facebook and Twitter now.

(Like with emoji)                                                                   (Many explores)


According to my investigation, Twitter tends to more formalized and politicization. As we all know, President Trump likes to use Twitter to make an announcement. Because this is the most useful and straightly way to say his opinions. It doesn’t need to go through other medias. Twitter is kind of a basic social media platform. It doesn’t have too much applications. Twitter is the simplest way to express user’s thoughts and moods. Twitter prefers to deliver the information without much user interaction. Usually, I will use twitter to check daily news and I will not use twitter to communicate with my friends. People like to use twitter to show their position. It can use hashtag to create a hot topic. People can see each other’s comments

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.36.12 PM Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.17.02 PM


Instagram has many youth users because Instagram is focusing on pictures and videos which are younger people’s preferences. According to the researcher’s result, Instagram use is especially high among younger adults. The average age of Instagram user is between 18-29 years. The special characteristic of Instagram is it has their own picture style. It has strong Photoshop function. People can only use Instagram app to create a perfect image to engage users. Instagram also has live story which people can share a short video on Instagram, it will delete after 24 hours. This function can help users to share their daily life conveniently. It will increase Instagram’s daily usage.


-Cultural Intermediaries is the key for all of social media platforms

Cultural intermediaries such as media influencers. These people are opinions leaders. For example, one of the famous fashion blogger post a brand dress on her Instagram account, it may influence a lot of people to buy this dress after she posted. Cultural intermediaries also have certain professional knowledge in a certain field. At the same time, they also share their opinions to other users. They can create the cultural value and symbolic meaning of brand, and shape the taste and aesthetics of the masses. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Cultural Intermediaries have a great influence. It will affect users on all social media platforms.

-Using media metric will increase usage for all of social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all has views, clicks, likes, shares, comments and follows. All of these metrics can measure of social medias. For examples, sentiment rations metric can tell us what types of contents that users like or dislike; Engagement level metric can summarise how many tweets or posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All three social media platforms can use media metric to have their statistic data.

-Hashtag is important for using all of social media platforms

All three platforms can have hashtags on their pages because hashtag is the simplest way to create an unique topic on social media platforms. People will use hashtag to find their interests and see other’s comments about this topic. No matter the content is words or picture or video, all the content can be posted it with the hashtag.

Case Study

ASOS is an e-commerce brand, it also sale more than 800 brands, but it also has its own brand. ASOS has a young customer group who is proficient in network technology. They are active in all major networks. ASOS has played role as a friend with them on the internet. A consistent and well-known image of ASOS can easily establish relationships with supporters, and at the same time ASOS must provide clear guiding power in its overall social media strategy.


(ASOS social media matrix)

This is the ASOS media matrix. At first, ASOS used matrix to get the number of followers from different social media platforms. Based on their differences, ASOS has different social media strategies. ASOS focus on videos, product visuals and brands events on Facebook; brand news, promotions and external content on Twitter; lifestyle, pop culture inspiration images on Instagram. This content strategy is created by analyzing different social media characteristics.

(ASOS Instagram Posts)

ASOS used bright color and attractive images for Instagram to catch user’s eyes. Personally, I think it’s really effective. Obviously, ASOS got a lot of likes and views from Instagram. Combine with our group project, that the reason why we think Instagram is our main platform. Because our targets audiences are youth people and they use Instagram constantly. The “Creative School Image” activity will also use inspiration images to attract people.

On their twitter page, they don’t have much inspiration images on it. They use twitter to release some news and reply some comments. Because twitter users more prefer literal contents rather than images.

(ASOS Facebook Content)

(Example content of ASOS Facebook Video)

ASOS had many events and videos on the Facebook. Especially videos. All videos have huge number of views which means it’s really influential and successful.

ASOS is good at using different characteristics to attach user’s attention. They have clear purpose and rigorous social media strategies based on differences. That is the reason why ASOS can attract users from all different social media platforms. Because they followed the “play rules”. On the other hand, it is also good at finding cultural influencers. Because ASOS’s target audiences are youth, they would like to find some younger fashion blogger or some famous stars to help them advertise.

(Example of ASOS cultural intermediaries on Instagram) It helped ASOS got really positive cultural image and users feedback.


Overall, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has a lot of differences but it also has a lot of similarities. If we want to promote effectively by using these social media platforms, we should know their “play rules” and have a specific content matrix. Cultural intermediaries and hashtags both works for all social media platforms. Cultural intermediaries can influence the public and the hashtag can put similar people together. I believe that according to the development of society, social media will play an increasingly important role in human life.















3 thoughts on “Similarities and differences between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  1. As an active social media user, I am very interested in the difference and similarities between various social media platforms as well. Before reading the blog, I have some bits of knowledge about the purpose of using different social media platforms. However, after readings it, I realize that when analyzing the similarities and difference between them, we can expand our thinking to a variety of aspects, such as the demographics of the user group. I also agree with the author that these social media platforms have become one of the most effective channels for business promotion. The brand can reach more audience and have pop-up advertisement through these platforms. In other words, they have been merged into people everyday life through the social media. It is a special angle that the author analyze her arguments using brand advertisements in the social media platforms instead of explaining through studying people’s daily use of these social media tools. I am impressed by the case of ASOS, because I did not realize that there are differences between the forms of product promotions in different social media platforms before. It should be paid attention when we do the comparison between different social media.


  2. Your paper is similar to the topic of my paper because my topic is a social influencer, and I use a lot of analysis of these social platforms. Focus on theses following social media platform: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The similarities and differences of the three are described respectively. For the first part, the article gives a detailed explanation of these three social platforms, the first platform is Facebook, which has the largest number of users. Giving the reasonable data to prove the claim, and another bar chart shows the number of differenct age and gender use Facebook. According to the author’s analysis, Facebook is a diversified social media platform.
    Twitter tends to more formalized and politicization and Instagram use is especially high among younger adults.
    And then I found that the author also use the cultural intermediary theory, she take it as a key for all social media, which I totally agree with that, cause this is how internet gather audiences. People, spiciest teenager like to share some content they are interested in, so this make a platform become famous.
    She also mention that hashtag is important for using all of social media platforms, cause these 3 platform can use hashtag to promote something. In our social media campaign, we chose these several platform to promote our hashtag activity.
    Use Asos as a case study. A table has been shown to clearly demonstrate all of the brand’s online advertising strategies, and analyze how each og them is presented, connected and interactive.
    However, her references are almost all online articles or reports, lacking some professional research theories, if more papers will make the article more convincing.
    In addition, she has a good opinion of herself, the whole article is clear and easy to understand, and she can quickly grasp the key points and read the full text.


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