Assessment 3

User-Created Content and Online Participation

MECO6936  Assignment 3

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Tutorial Time: Tuesday 5pm-8pm, Kai Soh

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A participatory web platform is an intermediary platform that provides user collaboration and facilitates the creation, promotion, and distribution of user-created content (UCC). UCC includes a form of media and creative works created by the user (text, audio, video, and several of the above). The core concept of UCC is to more precisely refer to the kinds of content produced intentionally by users, usually for the purpose of consumption by other users (Hinton & Hjorth, 2013,pp.58). At present, people have established different forms of publishing platform, social networking applications may be the most widely known participatory network platform. Often without realizing it, people frequent enter into social media produce what is referred to as UCC.

In Chapter 4 of the book “Understanding Social Media”, Hinton and Hjorth discussed the term ‘UCC’. Firstly, the authors Hinton and Hjorth (2013) give a concept which is an active part of the media discourses involve forwarding content to other users – often generically called ‘user generated content’ (UGC). Secondly, they said not all of this information is produced directly with the implicit intention of making something for someone else to enjoy (Hinton & Hjorth, 2013,pp.58) to give different concept of UCC. While all of this material is clearly created by users, and it can become content that is useful to other people, there is a difference between user profile data and a carefully crafted blog post that is uploaded to the internet for the express purpose of being read by other users, or a short film that may represent many hours of production work that is then uploaded to YouTube (Hinton & Hjorth, 2013,pp.58-59). Finally, the authors use three perspectives: Crowd Sourcing, Smart Mobs and Wikipedia to explain the application of UCC.

The reason of more online participation by UCC

User-created content greatly increase the interactivity of a website. The most special thing about Bilibili is it got a function called “bullet comment”. It’s the instant comment that users wrote when they watch a video and these comments will show on the screen, moving from right to left (Lin, 2014). The users could share the feeling when they saw the same video. Then they could know more about others view for the video. All users have a chance to communicate when their watch video online and not be alone. The users also create a system of the language, like “2333” for “haha”, “wait for me the guy/girl in the front” means “I thought of the same thing as the one who just wrote a comment”, etc. Some people will find it annoying, but if you have watched a program and you think it will draw a lot of discussion, it’s worth looking at.



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UCC practices is having profound effects on traditional modes of knowledge and cultural production (Hinton & Hjorth, 2013, pp.84). It makes people have creativity. With the development of technology in social media, more and more people begin to use different way to express themselves. The famous video form named autotune remix which is a song, piece of artwork, book, video, or photograph can all be remixes. The only characteristic of a remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new. There is a link of autotune remix in Bilibili.



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There is a synthetic video about two famous movie stars. Sometimes fans like a lot of stars, but they have never worked together. In order to make up for the regret, fans have synthesized these stars of the video, through this way to show their ideas and communicate with other users.



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Development of UCC in group work

In this semester, our group work is the #bethefilter campaign. The UGC and UCC concepts could be very compatibly applied in our work. Our strategy is to promote quality news source by using UGC while promote our campaign and engage our audience using UCC. In our campaign, we could use user-generated content, including interview video, photography or images, text and audio those are often distributed on pioneering platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or blogs. We also use user-created content to creative content, such as memes, repost official news and Hashtag Relay. We hope we could use these ways to engage more people attend our campaign. All these contents could make people comment and repost. And people who come from anywhere could discuss these contents online that could influence another people who had seen the content. All hashtags could make people have ideology to relay it to more people. UCC will make our activities widely disseminated so that it could be easily achieve our goals.

A filter bubble, can cause users to get significantly less contact with contradicting viewpoints, causing the user to become intellectually isolated (Pariser,2011). We create opportunities for people to participate in the campaign. The campaign can let people know more about what they do not know. Gradually, people began to respond to this campaign. People are more active in discussing and expressing their opinions. It’s a good chance for them to remove the filter bubble from their social network that let people know more about the world.


The nature of social media allows users to share events, which can engage other users to participate in activities and contribute their own ideas through video, images and information (Goode, 2010). Copyright covers works that are created or shared on social media websites, but the website’s terms and conditions may change your rights to the work. Many of the creative works you can find online are protected by Australian copyright law. This includes works that were made overseas. It is illegal to copy, publish or perform copyrighted material without permission from the copyright owner, even if no-one is making money from using the work (NSW government, 2012). There are some Japanese comic programs that bilibili put a legal copy logo on, but there are still a large number of movies and TV series that uploaded by personal users. These programs usually come from other video websites like Youku and Tudou, even some comes from illegal downloading. All these programs make the copyright problem an issue.

Network freedom is like a double-edged sword. It plays a positive role in the smooth public opinion, but also to people’s lives has brought a lot of inconvenience. Due to the moral standards of each person, legal awareness and cultural cultivation and so there is a big difference. Some people usually use the network platform to vent their private anger, all kinds of abuse, attack, insulting language filled with them, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of others. What is more, some criminals use the network as a tool for inciting the masses, through the network to spread reactionary remarks, seriously endangering public order and social stability.


In conclusion, UCC is a very interesting way in social media communication. There have many different forms to communicate with other people online or you could create your own way form to communicate with others. More and more people will be engaged in it. I will focus on using UCC to become my key to open the world which I cannot know. I need comment and repost more things with my view. In the future, the UCC will become most popular way to social media communication. It will also have new technology to use in UCC and create new form in communication. At the same time, UCC will meet new special challenge need be discussed by people.


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One thought on “User-Created Content and Online Participation

  1. Hi Dongning, I really like the example Bilibili that you used in your blog. I myself, is a heavy user of Bilibili, literally use it everyday. I think what makes Bilibili different from other video websites, is that everyone’s opinion can be equally see by all others who watch the same video. Meanwhile, since you can only type short comment on the Bilibili video, so there are many abbreviations and popular phrases are produced by its audiences.This audience behavior create a collective intelligence on Bilibili, further creates a cultural capital, since only the audiences of Bilibili would get the jokes and phrases. So Bilibili also become the place where popular phrases are produced, and using Bilibili becomes a thing for “young” and “cool” people. The hierarchy of popular culture is created by all the different types of social media platform that you are using. What you browse is not only the content, it also becomes a part of your identity and class in this digital age. That’s my thoughts after viewing your article 🙂

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