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Internet has become the most efficient and convenient tool for the public to communicate in modern society. According to the statistic of Internet Live Stats (elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and United Nations Population Division), the number of online users is 3, 424, 971, 237, occupied 46.1 percentage of world population. Under this environment, social media began to influence our communication mode and have obvious impacts in our daily life. Now, the public is not only the user of social media but also the participants and creators of social media.


Hinton and Hjorth point out the concept of UGC (User Generated Content) and UCC (User Create Content) in 2013 and confirm the importance of social media users. UCC has become an essential factor for social media, such as face book, Instagram, meet up, wechat , twitter, Red, Wikipedia. All these social media platforms provide sufficient space for users to participant and create content. To be specific, Wikipedia which has more than 30.766.986 users, is a free online encyclopedia. Everyone on the earth allows to edit and participant the content on it. User creative content and user acquire information can become a virtuous circle and guarantee the stable development of Wikipedia.



In the reading of Understanding social media-Participation and User Created Content, Hinton and Hjorth summarize the impact of participative characters in social media in different research and point out that the most emergency question of social media is to rethink the relationship between the user, media, and agency. Then expanded the concept of “participant’, defined the concept of UCC and show the difference between UCC and UGC. Hinton compared with the traditional media system, and point out new features such as t Citizen Journalism and citizen journalism and online Activism.


Core concept:

The impact of participating in the social media has been researched by many scholars through many perspectives. Bruns (2012) points out that social media play an important impact in broadcasting big news and show obvious political capacity. Meanwhile, Kim (2011) mentioned social media give public a new way for affective culture. In this way, it is time to rethink the relationship between the media, participation and agency.


In web 2.0, the audience has become a reaction in online communication, they are not only the consumer of social media but also the participants. It means users become the original source of News and material such as YouTube. User began to create the content (UCC) of social media and the content is complex including creativity, time, economy, emotion even though culture and society.


UCC and UGC have differences in essential definition, UGC which means user-generated content refer to the user forward content made by others and UCC means user creative content and user are the original source of content. Hinton also mentioned the criticisms of User create content including lack professional training and enough experience of the user.


Hinton and Hjorth analysis specific examples of UCC about individual participant activities. Those examples including Crowed source, Smart Mobs, Wikipedia, citizen journalism ad online Activism. Those examples are parts of the broadcast by interacting in real time with content creators and also proved the importance of offline activities in online behavior.


However, Hinton and Hjiorth pointed out the criticisms and issue in exploiting social media such as including lack training and lack transparency in citizen journalism. In this way, we need to have critical thinking and careful eye on any revolution.


UCC and updated online content

User not only creates the content but also change the content and reshape the framework of social media platforms. The user used social media platforms and post new content on them, after a while, the content of those social media has changed greatly compares to the beginning. It means user also broader the function of these platforms. For instance, Social Live video streaming which means user use device equipment to broadcast live video is popular in recent years. There are many live video streaming app such as Meipai, Live me and twitch. All these apps allow users to talk with thousands of people and to be a part of broadcast by interacting in real time. The essential aim for these apps is to share interesting life and share important events such as NBA, athletic competition, film festival.


Now, the number of live video streaming user has a dramatically increase, meanwhile, the content of those apps had obvious change. First, the user uses live video streaming app to develop e-business. Due to the basic feature of these apps that anchor have a large number of audiences and can have real communication, live video streaming apps provide opportunities for anchors to sell products. The user can introduce their goods, answer audience’s question and transfer the audience becoming customers. In this way, the user creates new content of the apps and change the basic function of these social media.


Second, because the environment of live streaming is suitable for online class, lots of users use this platform to teach useful knowledge, for instance, learning English class, cooking class, makeup class and learning music class. Although those new contents are far away beyond the basic function of the live streaming app, however, they are popular with the public. Unlike the prediction that live video streaming will disappear quickly, it becomes more popular than the past. The consumer has become the most optimistic role in social media and user-created content is the main reason to support the sustainable development of these software. (Hana, 2011)



UCC in con  

Our campaign use four main social network sites (SNS) including face book, twitter, Instagram, and Wechat. In order to play the initiative of UCC, we have different strategies to different platforms. Facebook, which has higher number of followers is our most important platform. We prepare music competition including ‘guess instrument’ and ‘name sonata’ to promote UCC. We will post a small part of an instrument or one part of the sonata to promote public join our campaign. Appropriate competitions can attract music lovers and make followers feel the sense of participant.

Every month we will choose a winner of the competition, the winner will have free chance to go to con and will post his feeling on the facebook. In this way, the winner will create new content of the con and attract more followers. In Instagram, we will post students profile and student performing each week. Students will introduce themselves and talk about the basic information of lunch break concert. Those students profile can expand the influence of concert and shorten the distance between the audiences and performers. Meanwhile, we create eight hashtags to allow UCC, followers can use the hashtag to create content related the lunchbreak concert and linked with other friends.


In conclusion,

Combining the research of Hinton and the current situation of SNS, user creates content has become a vital factor to the successful social media platform. Furthermore, using live video streaming to prove that user can update the content and expand the function of SNS. Now, social media develop rapidly, a successful media platform should realize the transformation of user form consumer to participant.




Hinton, S. & Hjorth, L. (2013). Participation and user created content. In Understanding social media (pp. 55-76). London: SAGE Publications Ltd. doi: 10.4135/9781446270189.n4


Kim, M. S., Moon, Y. J., & Kim, W. G. (2012). How User‐Created‐Content (UCC)    Service Quality Influences User Satisfaction and Behaviour. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences/Revue Canadienne des Sciences de l’Administration, 29(3), 255-267.


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Hanna, R., Rohm, A., & Crittenden, V. L. (2011). We’re all connected: The power of the social media ecosystem. Business horizons, 54(3), 265-273.





2 thoughts on “UCC and updated online content

  1. In this article, you promoted a new way for social media communication, At first, the analysis the concept of the UCC and UGC for main concept in this campaign. Secondly, there are four major platforms to pubicity though different charater characteristic,using Facebook’s vast audience combined with UCC theory to promote the publicity effectively, there are some small interesting interaction avtivities could have positive impact on the publicy and also can improve the participaiton rate of the audience. Moreover, some centects and videos posted on the Instragram could create the interaction between the audience and artists, In this way, the advantage of Instagram is sharing their emotional, you can use this advantage to emphasis the interaction between the target audience and artists such as comments and retweets from the contents. The most significent one in this article is using “live streaming” method in the publicity, this provide vivid way for audience express themselves about the activities and make artists more closer with the audience as well.


  2. I appreciate your point about live streaming.There are a lot of famous applications which exist and continue developing related to UCC. Live show came into the world and became one of the most important things in human life in last year. More and more applications are related to this live show, such as your example about MeiPai, is kept running by this fashion factor. When this app was produced, its main aim was to share some pictures or musics with friends, and this app did not thought to be exist for a long time. However, after a few months, a lot of users thought out many new ideas,adding their live shows in this application, to show their lives, to share everything of them. In this case, this application can keep running, in stead of being shut down. You also discuss the question that ucc can change the baaic function of live video streaming , such as a lot of people can learn new knowledge by using this app.A lot of users share their methods about facing problems, about dressing, and even about how to do better in video games. This app can achieve this goal because of the exist of UCC, and UCC contribute to this app.Furthermore ,it is interesting that your campaign use competition to allow UCC


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