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Target Audiences Analysis

Our main target audiences would be the young generation, especially university students, in Sydney.

According to the conservatorium’s information, current concert audiences are generally retirees, older, concert staffs, parents, students. We went to a concert and confirmed this fact. There was a lack of young people.

Furthermore, a research (Chaffey, 2017) shows the main users of most social media platforms are between 16 and 34.

As we all know, universities gather a lot of young people whose ages are exactly within this range, so there are plenty of potential audiences.

Also, many students have already followed universities’ accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Wechat. Young people engage with three main types of people through social networking services, the friends who have relationships in reality; people introduced by friends; and people they randomly add (Bluemoon, 2011). It’s feasible to expand our influence not only in universities but also in whole society.

We also did research on people who work in the nearby companies. However, their lunchbreak is too short so they do not have enough time to enjoy a concert.

Given all these considerations, we choose young people, especially university students, as our core target audiences.


Bluemoon, G. (2011). Like, post, share: Young Australians’ experience of social media Qualitative research report. The Australian Communications and Media Authority, Australia.

Chaffey, D. (2017). Global Social Media Statistics Summary 2017Smart Insights. Retrieved 23 March 2017, from

Zhumin Yu, Karen Cheng, Aida Naizabekova, Kelen Wang


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