Assignment 1

#Cultureforcoins Assignment 1 Blogpost

The #cultureforcoins campaign has identified three target audience members Businessman Brad, Tourist Terri and Student Sam. Brad is 25-44 years old, tertiary educated and works on or around Macquarie Street in an office. He catches the train to and from work each day living the 9-5pm lifestyle. He is a creature of habitual spending and enjoys varied social activities with a moderate-high disposable income.

Tourist Terri is 30-44 and has arrived in Sydney with a plethora of activities she has in mind to see. She is staying in or around the CBD and has high disposable income for her holiday in Australia. She wants something the whole family can attend together or something for her and her partner to enjoy on their own.

Student Sam 18-24 has a low disposable income and attends the Conservatorium of music where he studies in his chosen field. All his friends are studying the same discipline and they group together for lunch as well. He is quite insular, only operating in small, or closed, social circles that he meets through class.

Each target audience member has been chosen, as they are located in a realistic proximity for attendance at the Lunchbreak concerts.

Bureau of Transport Statics(2013) Trans Figures: Public Transport Users in Sydney, Chippendale, Australia

Sensis (2016) Sensis Social Media Report 2016: How Australian people and businesses are using social media, Melbourne, Australia.

Destination NSW (2015) Economic Contribution of Tourism to NSW 2014-2015, NSW, Australia



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