Assignment 1

Target Audience – Sydney Conservatorium of Music

SynergyStrategists seek to increase youth audience participation and engagement in the Conservatorium of Music’s Greenway Series. This is achieved through the key message that their concerts are musically, cultural and socially diverse experiences that appeal to a youthful demographic between 16-30 years of age, whom primarily reside in the Sydney region. Our targeted audience are both creators and consumers of various musical genres. They enjoy seeing live music and attending music festivals, for the music, social, and cultural experience. Our user participation strategy includes partnerships with youth radio stations, such as Triple J’s Unearthed, to promote a competition to encourage the creation of new, engaging music that mashes eclectic styles with classical music from the Conservatorium’s back catalogue. This will bolster the image of the Conservatorium as a place to culturally engage in music creation and consumption. We will use the following hastag to promote the Con: #musicon.

The purpose of our chosen Social Media Services (SNS) is outlined below:

– Facebook: still the most popular for the demographic and is currently CON’s main SNS for campaigns
– Instagram: user created content, such as images and videos.
– Snapchat: daily guest snapchatters chosen from competition participants, CON students and creators of content.
– YouTube: users submit their videos here and engage with existing CON video clips.


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