Social Media Design for the Con

Target audience

The international students, as the main target audience, aging from 18 to 25, are current and prospective undergraduate and postgraduate in Sydney. They are active social media users, primarily including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and WeChat. Taking Facebook as an example, there are more than 1.6 million users in Australia and nearly 80% of them are young adults. They spend several hours using these social medias to get the information and connect with friends in case of missing out; therefore, they are our dominate target audience.


The first one is media platforms. Since it already has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, so we add another a social media WeChat in response to our target audience, international students. WeChat is very popular and it has nearly 600 million active user around the world per month. We will post some photos and videos on those social media platforms to disseminate information about the concerts. People can find us at #sydneycon.

The next one is to find a long-term partner. Our target audience are students, they can buy the tickets after browsing information that we post on our social media. But there is a question. If they don’t follow our official social-media accounts, they might have no idea how to buy the tickets. So, we need to find a long-tern partner, such as Ticketmaster and Ticketek, they are website to sell different kinds of tickets, including sport, concert, arts and theater and so on. It is very convenient for them to buy the tickets.

Thirdly is countdown pictures.  If we have any activity or concert, we can put some photos on our social media five days in advance. These pictures can be very abstract, but each of them has a number, like five, four, three, two, one. Every day we put a photo on our social media. For example, putting a photo with a number of 5 on the fifth day, and a photo with a number of 4 on the forth day. Following this sequence, we’ll post a real photo about the activity or concert on the last day. It’s a good way to attract audience’s attention because they might want to know what will happen in five days.

The forth one is to make a survey and post it on our social media so that the audience can poll which part they like and which part they don’t like. It’s related to the concept of audience engagement. It would make the audience feel that they are a member of the activities, which might motivate their participation.

Next, producing posters and pasting them on campus, such as notice board and library. Also, publishing them online and on the social media platforms.

Then, to corporate with student communities, such as ACISC and SUSCA. Since those communities have abundant resources in terms of fund and relationships, thus will increase the Con’s public attention.

Besides, in order to encourage more people to join us, we will pick up 2 to 3 followers each time to give them free tickets as reward if they retweet or share our information about Greenway series.

What’s more, we will make an attractive video about the Con with a story-telling format, and post it on the social media platforms.

Last but not least, creating some alive streaming on Instagram regularly. It is a direct and effective live interaction between audience and us because they could ask us some questions or offer advices on something we need to improve.



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