Fake News Filter — Target Audience

Group:Neil, Mike, Murphy, Kira

Our “fake news filter” campaign is going to focus on habits of news reading among young adults within the age range of 18 to 34.Teens were chosen as the subject of this study because they are a significant subset of young media consumers. A study by the Joan Shorenstein noted that when young adults and teens follow the news, they “are attracted disproportionately to stories that have little or no public affairs content”. This is why teenagers are extremely vulnerable to false news. We want to set up a platform to guide young people pay more attention to the news content, and discuss the credibility of them.

Facebook will be used as one of the main platforms to run our campaign. According to Delaforce (2016), Facebook is Australia’s first favorite social media site with more than 14 millions users. Our Facebook followers can interact with others by joining interest group. Additionally, we will hold an online debating contest on our Facebook page once a week.

WordPress blog website is another platform we are going to use. We will create more interaction with similar campaigns and try to attract more people’s attention. We want to cooperate with media campaign from UTS or some other university who have interests in our campaign. They can post which is much easier to promote our campaign. And also, we set our web page with sign in function, which can help us have more audience and we can send them new posts everyday to make it a good way to build more interaction in the future.


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