#BeTheFilter# Target Audience Description

The chosen target audience is university students mainly among 18 to 30 years old. They have a high education level and large quantity advantage. According to Pew Research Centre (2014), there are 62% social media consumers in the US, who have a college or further degree. Moreover, the largest proportion of age groups about social media user is 18-29 which accounts for 34%.

As for the group identity, they have vibrant social ties and through learning knowledges on the internet they could convey it to their social ties who are mostly not students and then increase the effective audiences. Because people’s online activities are based on their offline settings (Wellman and Haythornthwaite,1998).

Also, they have a high degree of intimacy. Almost every universities have a similar campus culture so that they can be more active and become intimate gradually, which would raise the community recognition at the same time. Because the intimacy can exist between strangers who have common cultural bond (Hinton and Hjorth,2013).

In term of their online communication habits, most of them are using social media several times a day (Messner,2010). And according to LMU (2016), three major contents which are favored by them are photos, news and GIFs.



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