Target Audience for #yourconsong

Client : Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Group: Hannah, Saraf and Serena

Targeted Audience:

In our campaign we aim to attract 18-35 year old target market, both male and female living within the Sydney area through Facebook (88%), Instagram (59%) and Twitter (36%) as the younger demographic make up the majority of users for these platforms. There are two target groups 18-25 year-old students and 25-35 year-old professionals, living within the Sydney area. The audience of Sydney area fits within our target market as 81% of Facebook users, 39% of Instagram users and 26% of Twitter users live within urban areas. This will allow both target groups to attend the events as well as engage in the campaign revolving around the two concerts. We feel that this campaign will also attract people within these markets who are passionate about music who will find The Con appealing.

Targeting our messages to this specific audience is crucial in order to make our campaign successful, as our strategies of starting the #yourconsong challenge, making our Facebook posts viral and collaborating with online influencers can only be made possible through their active participation on the social media. The video campaign will encourage participation through both UCC and UGC and participation from our target audience will help increase social capital for our client.


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