Assignment 1

Target Audience Description

Group name: Produser

The Con Group: Vince Jin, Becky Wang, Wei Wei, Joshua Sun

The ideal audience for our campaign “Back to Live”  could be supposed to be the right group of people who are willing to spend lunch free time on a live concert for their activities and interests. This is because most of our concerts start at 12:30pm and last for 1 hour roughly. In terms of the concert venue-Sydney Conservatorium of Music, this proposal try to attract the potential audience working in CBD, or studying in surrounding area. It is within walking distance from CBD to the venue and there are various routes such as bus and train could directly get to the concert from USYD, UTS and other universities. The workforce of the CBD and Harbour area is dominated by workers in finance and financial services enrolled 83143 employs (City-Based Industry Sector, 2012). Australian Government also shows the total student population at the Sydney universities and the higher education sector is 406034. Based on the demographics, those affected people would across an age range from 18 to 35 including students and employees. According to NSW Government, Sydney, as the leading Australian tourism destination, attracted 10.2 million visitors in 2012 – 4.3 million of those stayed within metropolitan area and the number is increasing annually. Thus, tourists could be another considerable group of potential audience.


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