Be a Truth Detector

Our campaign will be an open invitation to everyone to become Truth Detectors and join the #BeTheFilter Campaign! Figuring out what is real and what is not is becoming more important as more people go online. In the US alone, 62% of Americans choose to go to social networking sites (SNSs) as their primary source of news (Pew Research Center, 2016) and about 18% admit to doing so regularly.

Our target audience are this aforementioned 62% of Americans and their international counterparts. We desire to problematise the behavior of utilising SNSs as one’s primary news source, especially if only one SNS is being accessed, which is the case in 64% of our target group (Pew Research Center, 2016). Our objective is to encourage critical thinking and the corroboration of information that may seem outrageous or unlikely.

We want to reach out to some of the top community-building SNSs based on active users (Statista, 2017); Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our main campaign will draw upon Shirky (2008), boyd (2012) and Hinton and Hjorth’s (2013) assertion that intimacy is crucial to absorbing and interacting with a message, by using a video campaign that compels users to film and share their friends and family reacting to fake news. This message will be augmented with pictures, memes and tips.

Join the crew and be a Truth Detector!


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