Target audience of the Con (The Quintet)

Due to the fact that the current audience of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music is mainly the old, we have picked two main target audiences for the SCM in order to expand its influence among young and middle-aged people. They are campus students (aged from 18 to 24) and staff (aged over 18) in USYD and white-collar workers (aged from 22 to 40) who work near Botanic Park.


According to Sensis Social Media Report (2016), social networking usage is inversely proportional to the age of people surveyed. As a result, it would be effective to spread the campaign and our slogan to university students and white-collar workers through social media. For campus staff, based on the campaign’s hotness in the campus, we believe that it would be easier to attract staff and professors to the concerts. The main attraction of the concert for white-collar workers is the location. They can go for a break or even a date conveniently. Perhaps all they need is to cross the street.


YouTube has a large and solid user base, which is why we choose it as our primary ‘weapon’—film a video. Meanwhile, live stream has been a hot topic for several years so we use YouTube Live as an auxiliary way. We use Facebook and Wechat to create buzz and share link of the video as well.


MECO6936 Social Media Communication (Thur 12p.m.)

Dingxin Huang, Jing Li, Hongding Wang, Yongfang Zhang, Tong Zhu



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