Assignment 1 · Social Media Communication

Sydney Conservatorium of Music -Lunchbreak Concert Series

As a world-class music venue in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) is well positioned to connect with the University’s vast untapped student cohort, and the hundreds of office workers looking for Free Music to Free the Mind during lunch.

The SCM wants to increase audience numbers to its concerts and attract a younger following. During our visit we met a group of Year 11 music students from Willoughby Grils High School who loved the performances but said, “they didn’t know the SCM existed” until now. The 18- year-old students told us they would “definitely come back” if there was more promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

We believe the SCM must target the 18-24 year old demographic, as well as office workers of all ages. Sydney University undergraduate students who enjoy music will provide a network to generate online traffic.

The 2016 We Are Social report found that Facebook remains the most popular form of social media in Australia. People aged between 20 and 30 represent 28% of its total user base (Kemp, 2016). We believe Facebook must be the central social media hub for the SCM and the springboard to other Social Network Sites.

New South Wales’ government data shows that on an average weekday in 2012, 437,000 people worked in the city. This statistic reveals the huge potential for the SCM to connect via social media with people in the CBD who share a taste (Bourdieu (1984 [1979]) for music.


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