Media Queen-target audience

The Con would like to increase their audience number and attract more students/publics to interact on their social media platforms. Based on our experience and research from videos and photos of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Concerts, most of the current audience in Greenway Series and Free Lunchbreak Concerts are elder people who are interested in classical music. Therefore, to further increase the audience number, we need to focus on attracting young people. As an education institution, initially we are going to engage university students. They are more reachable and more willingly to participate in social media platforms. According to Haase and Young (2010), the majority of students use social networking sites for having fun and knowing about the social activities. Therefore, we consider university students as potential audience to generate more content in #UnusalInstrumentChallenge on Facebook and Snapchat. Considering the client’s requirement of ‘a new visual narrative for the Con’, Instagram, one of the most popular images social media platforms, and YouTube, one of the biggest video websites, are part of our social media campaign as well. Moreover, to achieve the goal of ‘more student/public generated content to regram and retweet’ on the Con’s channels, Twitter will also be used in this campaign.




References: Haase, A.Q. Young, A.L. (2010)Uses and gratifications of social media: A comparison of Facebook and instant messaging. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society. Retrieved from:http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0270467610380009


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