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MECO6936 Assignment 1 – Description of Target Audience (Thursday 9am Tutorial)

Tutorial: Thursday 9am-12pm. Group Members: Mengyao Su, Huiming Wang, Ziyun Chen.


Nowadays, social media platform has become one of the most effective ways to attract large amounts of audience. In our campaign design for the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, our basic target audience are aged from 18 to 54. They are social media most frequent users. According to Quiip[1], this age range takes 77.3% of all Facebook users, and Facebook has become Australian top social media site. Then we categorize our target audience into two large groups.

  • Target audience:
    1. The University of Sydney students
    2. General public:
      1. Music connoisseurs
      2. Music lovers
  • Demographic of target audience:
    1. The University of Sydney students: they are more willing to participate in school events. They have easy access to school information through students’ organizations, e.g. Jazz Society in the University, as well as University’s official social media accounts, e.g. the University of Sydney Facebook account.
    2. General public:
      1. Music connoisseurs: people who have professional knowledge about music. They can be attracted by particular musicians in this event. They may get invitations via formal platforms, e.g. LinkedIn.
      2. Music lovers: people who are interested in music. They may be attracted by more than just music, the determinants of their participation are diversified, such as location, ticket price, fancy promotion contents etc.

Our presentation link:


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