The target audience for this media campaign is mainly Sydney University students, and online friends of performers in the Cons. They are expected to be informed the time and the location of Free lunch-break concerts, then participate it. This campaign is also intended to create an opportunity for students to establish or connect their social network, and pass the lunchtime in an alternative way. In addition, this campaign would involve multiple media platforms. It can be, therefore, viewed by anyone who has interest in Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The intended audience of this campaign mainly are internal students who are within 18 – 26 years old at the main campus. That is as 18 – 34 digital audience have long-time and sufficient penetration and engagement into the social network (Chaffey, 2017), thereby, undergraduate and postgraduate aging from 18 to 26 are active users among social media. Which means once the content posted, it would be circulated well among different individual online circle of friends.

Furthermore, considering our intended media tools, such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, over 66% users do socially network during lunchtime and breaks (Sensis, 2016). Therefore, a flexible end accessible way is provided to kill lunchtime after work or class, especially for young students having efficient spare time.


  1. Chaffey, D (2017, Feb 27). Global social media research summary 2017. Smart Insight. Retrieved from http://www.smartinsights.com/social-media-marketing/social-media-strategy/new-global-social-media-research/.
  2. How Australian people and business are using social media. (2016, Jun 01). Sensis Social Media Report 2016. Retrieved from https://www.sensis.com.au/asset/PDFdirectory/Sensis_Social_Media_Report_2016.PDF.

(Group Members: Chris, Lang, Queena, Miki)


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