Assignment 1 USYD Glasses Gang



The target audience that our group have currently picked are Australian people of all gender aged from 15 to 25. The age group could somehow be re-classified into three categories: people aged from 15 to 16, which are students in their year 11 and 12; people aged from 17 to 21, which are students going through their college degrees; people aged from 22 to 25 that freshly graduated and new to the field of their career, requiring certain professional resources and information.

According to Sensis Social Media Report that was issued in June 2016, people aged from 18 to 29 have a 75 percent chance to use social networking sites at least once a day, which is the highest percentage amongst all groups, with 26 percent of the increase in contrast to the report conducted in 2015. Australian teenagers from 14 to 17 tend to go online three or more times every day, and 54 percent of them spend their time on social networking, in which Facebook consumes the highest proportion at 88 compared to other platforms (ACMA, 2015).

In short, the target audience of our group is Australian social media users aged from 15 to 25.


  1. ACMA (2015), Aussie Teens and Kids Online Research Snapshot, retrieved 18 March 2017, from http://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/engage-blogs/engage-blogs/Research-snapshots/Aussie-teens-and-kids-online
  2. Sensus Pty Ltd (2016), Sensis Social Media Report 2016 [PDF], retrieved 18 March 2017, from https://www.sensis.com.au/asset/PDFdirectory/Sensis_Social_Media_Report_2016.PDF



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