Assignment 1 · Social Media Communication

We are Cats on Catnip, and we’re pitching for the Con

We have identified two main target audiences for the Conservatorium’s free lunchtime concerts and their low cost Greenway series concerts: Students and Tourists aged 18-39.

Students who…

… are free for lunchtime concerts.

… don’t not have a lot of disposable income.

… like music – even classical and jazz – but haven’t been to a concerto or symphony recently – it’s “cooler” to see a band or DJ play. They are more outwardly excited about popular music but internally like a bit of everything.

… like being ”the first” – the first to like or do something among their friends

… are active on social media, especially Facebook and WeChat (there is a large international community at Sydney University). They like and share/retweet posts they find interesting or amusing.

…. may not have the skills/time to create original content to share on SNSs, but they would participate in activities they can easily participate in, like commenting and photo sharing.

Tourists who are also like the students described above and who also …

… don’t have enough budget to see something at the Opera House

… are looking for cultural activities in Sydney

… would like to meet other tourists in the area

… share lots of photos and status updates on SNSs to family and friends back home, and to other travelers on group pages/public posts.


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