MECO6936 Assignment One – Thursday 9-12pm


Our social media campaign for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music targets the 18-35year old demographic, focusing on both university students (18-25), and the young working professional (26-35), aiming to increase audiences to the Cons Lunchbreak Series. We want to instil in our audience a love of music and the arts, focusing on the ease of enjoying music in the lunchtime break and relaxing during your busy day.   We want to go beyond the online, and use social media to connect with audiences online and offline.

We will promote the ease of enjoying music in your lunchbreak through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, alongside Youtube.  These SNS’s are utilised to improve the connections with our audience, and encourage online audiences to become apart of the physical audience at the Lunchbreak series.  Facebook and Twitter are our umbrella platforms that are targeted towards the whole of our demographic.  Instagram and Snapchat are focused primarily on our younger university student demographic, as they are the key users of these SNS’s.

Posts will be targeted towards encouraging people to escape work or study for the excitement of a relaxing lunchtime break.   We will promote this engagement through behind-the-scene posts, live videos, question time, and introductions to musician’s in order to build the Con’s online presence and increase participation and attendance at the Lunchbreak Series.

Thursday 9am Seminar – Megan Brewer, Qinwen Li, Jingshuang Wu, Yilei Quan


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