MECO6936 Assignment 1 – Target Audience Analysis(Thur 12pm)

CF014815 580 200

We are doing social media campaign for Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Lunchbreak Concert Series. Our demographic survey targets on audience between 18-30 years old and this can be further separated into two groups: the first one is the university of Sydney students (especially Chinese international students) and the other one is young music lovers live within these areas. By analysis the current situation of the concerts, we found out that the free opportunity to relax during lunch time and learn more about classical music are the strengths to promote this campaign. Moreover, by using social media SNS such as Facebook, Wechat and Instagram, it provides a useful platform to attract young people. According to the Federal government data (2016), there is a 13 percent increase in the number of international students from global but by far the biggest number were from China. Thus, among the university of Sydney students, we plan to pay more attention to international students especially Chinese students. As Chinese students have become a large portion of the international students in our student community.

Our objectives are firstly increase the audience numbers and their participation frequency at the same time. Secondly, using visual narrative via Instagram and Wechat official account to engross audience in order to increase clicks on the website.

Thursday 12pm Seminar – Shumeng Chen, Yijun Wang, He Li,Menglong Zhang


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