Assignment 1

Demographics of target audience

We have decided to focus on two target audiences. Our primary target audience will be students aged 18-29 currently studying at the University of Sydney (USyd). Our secondary target audience will be broader and consist of the friends of these students who will most likely fall into the age range of 18-29 years old. This particular age group is what Tulgan (2016) would refer to as ‘millennials’ – the tech-savvy owners of various gadgets and mobile phones who are born from the 1980’s onwards. ‘Millennials’ as a demographic are constantly connected to the world, very active on social media and are ravenous culture and information consumers (Tulgan, 2016). According to the Sensis Social Media Report 2016, 37% of Australians aged 18-29 use social networking sites at least once a day. This group uses Facebook on average 44.8 times a week and 35% of all who use social networking sites do so to get details on upcoming events. With this in mind, cultural ‘products’ such as those offered by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (the Con) will appeal to these target audiences if marketed properly using the appropriate social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Total word count: 198


Sensis Social Media Report 2016 (Rep.). Retrieved March 14, 2017, from:

Tulgan, B. (2016, January 29). Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials. Retrieved March 14, 2017 from:

One Team, One Dream:
Pauline Chin (460099079)
Harriet Turner (440188450)
Michaella Porter (430254851)
Ellyna Tjohnardi (460331670)


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