#bethefilter target audience brief- Teletubbies

Target audience brief

We set our first priority target audience as young people from 18-24 year old, especially those who spent 9 hours a day using media, report says from CNN. (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/03/health/teens-tweens-media-screen-use-report/)

There Is a research from ACMA shows that, At June 2015, over 935,000 teens had gone online in the previous four weeks. That’s 82 per cent of all teens, up from 74 per cent four years earlier. (http://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/engage-blogs/engage-blogs/Research-snapshots/Aussie-teens-and-kids-online)

The majority of teenagers are consuming social media for almost all the day time.

firstly, young people have enough leisure time to do what they want

that they could spend whole day on social media, therefore, they could receive much more information from other social communities.

Secondly, they have less social experience than those adults who have mature world view, so that they could easily trust fake news online.

Besides, our secondary target audience could be the parents and teachers of teens. On the one hand, they could educate their children how to distinguish the truth and fake news, that will help our work in a larger extent. On the other hand,  adults could be aimed as a part of target of fake news considering their social and economic status.

Last but not least, the thirdly target audience of our project could be professional journalists, publicity, and news industry. This is because considering where the fake news coming out, we want to do more than giving a direction of  the audience, we want to alarm professionals to focus on the truth to reduce fake news.


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