MECO6936 Assignment 1 – Target Audience Brief (Thur 12pm)

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We are Media Quartet, doing a social media campaign for Sydney Conservatorium of Music as well as managing the outcome for it. The purpose of the campaign is to attract more younger audience to SCM’s Lunchbreak concerts and Greenway Series Concerts.

Our primary target audience is the college students at Usyd campus, aged between 18-26 years old. This generation tends to be keen on anything cool, which means being different, whereas classical music is stereotyped as dull, boring and economic-based. College students use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter frequently, which we will be using this four SNSs in the campaign as well. We target at this group of people to erase such labels on classical music and to promote the message that classical music can be fun as well.
Our secondary target audience are the white-collars working at Sydney CBD, aged below 40—middle aged or younger. They work near the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, so it is convenient for them to go for a free lunch-break concert or an off-work concert to relax, to get inspired or just go for a date– as long as they have enough motive. This group of people occupies the second largest population of the users of the four chosen SNSs. We will emphasize in our social media posts the characteristic of the Con of being good leisure events to go.

MECO6936 Social Media Communication (Thur 12p.m.)

By Jenny Guo, Tammy Ni, Wendy Fan, Veronica Mao




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