Assignment 1 Brief – Thursday 9am-12pm


Our client is the Sydney Conservatorium of Music which is Australia’s premier tertiary music institution. Also known as the “Sydney Con”, it annually features more than 500 events throughout the university calendar. The concert program we will be focusing on is the Chamber Works on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.

The target audience of our campaign will be University of Sydney students between the ages 18-25. The demographic will be segmented into Domestic and International students. This allows us to directly target and accommodate the specific needs and interests of these two groups, which have been identified through our qualitative research. The decision to target these specific groups was also based on the client’s behest.

Our aim is to generate higher audience engagement via increasing student attendance to the Chamber Works evening concerts. A secondary goal is to increase social media engagement, and conversation around events of the Sydney Conservatorium.

The platforms we intend to utilise to achieve these goals are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram and Facebook have been selected due to providing an appropriate and efficient means of promoting our promotional content, namely: videos, images and live content. Twitter will be utilised to strengthen relationships with external partners, generate conversation around events and cross-promote content from other platforms.

Carrie Pluta, Cyprien Jane Pearson, Eleonora Tsiknas Kazantzis, Kristina Djikanovic


One thought on “Assignment 1 Brief – Thursday 9am-12pm

  1. I am really glad you’re targetting young ppl as an audience. All of my kids played music when growing up. I had a violist, a violinist/composer and a guitarist.

    The first two went on to tertiary study in music, one at the Con and one at AIM. Both have moved onto other pursuits but still play and enjoy classical music.

    I think classical won’t die, simply because some of the composers (Bach, et al) were bloody geniuses, but it’s true we need more bums on seats!


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