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The New Age in Social Media Communications


We cannot ignore multimedia technology changes the world within recent 10   years. In 2007, Steve Jobs hold a plastic model and it looks like a KITKAT chocolate. He said: “It will change the world”. Right now, 9 years later, IPhone really changes the world and be the sign of the 21st century.1212jobsiphone

Smart mobile is not like other machines car or watch, it is a diversity tool for our life. It changes the whole industry and the whole society, because it changes the way of communication. Right now, smart mobile has the revolution power of the society, because of the connection and convenient. It is a convenient mini-computer with us everyday. 10 years ago, people just sit in front of the computer to do the work. Right now, smart mobile can deal with most work from computer, then we can work anywhere and anytime, especially communication with others and check our health. Apple Watch is a good example of wear-friendly mobile media to check our health. Then we call its mobility. Mobility is a mobile situation that uses physical environments, psychological variations and social network changes as reference objects to determine what the changes are and how do they influence people’s experiences (Nilsson, Nuldén & Olsson, 2001).


According the development of the smart mobile, it starts to changes the communication style between people with others. I separate three kinds of situation to analyses the change of communication: person with person, person with society and society with person.

Person with person:

It is the basic of communication. When we back to see the history, people start to communication by face to face, and then mail to mail, phone to phone, email to email, SMS to SMS. And right now, people start to communication with APP, especially Facebook. Facebook had 200 million users around the world actively using Facebook from their smartphones (Wilken, 2014). And in the last year, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform globally, which surpassed 1 billion monthly active users in 2015 (Statista, 2016).461062-3-ways-to-fight-facebook-fatigue

Person with society:

We can talk about this kind of communication is the revolution of communication. Everyone can public their own opinion by themselves in anywhere and anytime. It means people have their own rights and opportunity to say some real things. It is not like before media system controlled by government and citizen is hard to announce their own opinion. For this new kind of communication style, people can use this communication way into business, for example people can sale something by themselves on eBay platform.

My brand CC Beauty is building up based on this kind of communication. CC Beauty is a rising international e-commerce trade brand that has been founded in Sydney by CC Beauty Co., Limited and focus on the market of China. CC Beauty built up with zero budgets. I created the website and sale advertisements on WeChat and Wedian first.

According to the diversity APPs with smart mobile, people can publish their own opinion and their business in different APPs. It is a new communication style for 21st century and it works great, because most of people start to receive information by different mobile APPs.

Society with person:

Ten years before we just receive any information by newspaper and TV station. When we surfed the Internet, the information and news always from some special media system. It means the media in that time is not fair and public. Therefore, everything changed with in recent ten years. People can find anything what they want from Internet, right now just with smart mobile. It means media system would not controlled by government. We can find different voice in every topic around the world. It is a challenge for every government in different country. In another hand, people can organize the different group in the society for some social movement. It is dangerous for government to manage the country.

From above, we can see there is an advantage of smart mobile. That is people have the right to against dictator of the country. We have our own voice to connect of the world.

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign

Of course, there are many others advantage of smart mobile. For the data collecting, Internet gives the company a huge database. Different company can use the statistic to analyses the data in different industry. Then company would do the direct and accurate advertisement into the market. Smart mobile not only good for company but also good for the development of country’s economy. According to the different APP with our life, more people join the e-bank system. For example Uber and Whatsapp are good for our life and we pay them by e-bank. It means smart mobile is starting to change the economy style for our life. These technologies can be seen as increasingly overlaying space with digital information in order to create new places that are mediated in part by the technology itself. These new places are not entirely online, since they are fundamentally rooted in geographic space, but neither are they entirely offline – they sit somewhere in between (Hinton & Hjorth, 2013, p.100).


Right now we cannot ignore the privacy of smart mobile, actually the privacy of Internet. Especially, right now more multimedia technology used in smart mobile, for example locative tool.

I separate the communication APPs into three main models: direct communication, shopping, and game. Direct communication is like Facebook or twitter. Shopping APPs are eBay, ShopStyle or others. Game is like candy crush or others. For the different communication APPs, location tool be different role in communication. For direct communication, people can find the same interest friends online and then according the location tool to meet in the real world not just in virtual world. For Shopping APPs, we can know where our product come from and easy to check the shipping information. For game APPs, we can play with our nearby friends with location tool.


In my point of view, location tool changes the communication way back to the original style: face-to-face. This is the basic theory for the communication. A location service only gets interesting when you get to a certain scale (cited in Consitne, 2012, cited in Wilken, 2014). What ever we use in the future or right now, the basic communication is face-to-face. In another way of thinking communication is body or soul mate.

According to the development of the new technology, people change the communication style of the world. Mobile media making introduces new practices, formats, and forms signifying avenues for creative innovation (Berry & Schleser, 2014,p.58). From the news, we find VR technology is already starting to change the world. Some media said VR technology would replace the smart mobile. Virtual Reality (VR) device has become more and more popular to provide multi-sensory experience for users. Virtual Reality is a three-dimension environment that emulated from real life. It collects data by a head-mounted eye goggle, wired gloves and clothing so that end users can interact with the virtual situations that established based on the data (Steuer, 1992). We are looking forward to see more diversity new technology change the world. In another way, our life will start to change with this kind of new technology, especially social communication. People start to find a new way to communication with others.


Finally, for my brand CC Beauty, I will keep going to focus on my APPs platform. Not only WeChat, but also more diversity and new communication APPs are important for my brand development. I need to focus my advertisement in the new communication APPs in the future. Because market is very important for my brand, business must follow the market. And market is according to the communication platform in the future.



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