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Web 2.0: An evolution of internet environment


It is a digital age now. With the help of developed technology, individuals could enjoy the new approaches of building social network and accessing to information. This situation profits from a notion, Web 2.0, which plays a significant role in people’s social media life today. Web 2.0 is based on the website. It is an evolution and leaves influence on the behaviour of internet users and the democratic internet environment.

In this article, I would develop a discussion related to the term ‘Web 2.0’, the philosophy and the features of the term. Also, it would be discussed about what potential problem would be bought under Web 2.0.

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Web 2.0 and the understanding of sharing

Internet in Web 2.0 age allows users use the website as a platform to receive information, create new ideas and share it. To explain what is Web2.0, according to Hinton, S (2013), the first notion should be highlighted is that the internet is somewhere people could exchange information and have communications with somebody else, which is the central philosophy of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 helps to build a more democratic internet environment. It gives every an opportunities to publish their view. Also, it contributes to development of internet information platforms. According to Brown, R. (2009), the definition of Web 2.0 could be discussed in practice perspective that web 2.0 shift the control of online platform from few to a great many. This argument states that in the Web2.0 age, people could access to information from different angles. It is a free internet environment.

Alexander, B (2006) mentioned two essential features of the Web 2.0 that were micro content and social media. He argued that the Web 2.0 tools are used to combine multiple fragment information from different consumers in a target group with the same interest and contributes to more comprehensive knowledge. (Alexander, B 2006) In the age of Web 2.0, there are a large amount of fragmentized content on the internet from different organisations, agencies and individuals. Also there are some new software or application, could allow consumers to collect different websites into one page and manage it centralized. This new change could enrich the user experience and develop the internet service.

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Web 2.0 tools: social media

In the Web 2.0 age, social media begins to take an important place in people’s daily life.

Social media is a number of applications based on the internet which contains the foundations of ideology and technology of Web 2.0, and also allows users to create and exchange their personal knowledge. (Kaplan, A. M., & Haenlein, M. 2010) Based on Web 2.0, social media follow the main philosophy of equal sharing. To give an intuitive explanation, I would take a few cases as examples

There are some other cases of social media could be used to analyse Web 2.0.

1 Blog

Blog, as one of the earliest Web 2.0 tools, could be a case to illustrate his argument. People write articles online and share it to the public, others could access to the article and send their comments. In this process, people could be allowed to exchange information and have a further conversation to develop the issue.


2 Wikipedia

Wikipedia could be a typical example of Web 2.0. Wikipedia allows every users to write stories as an editor on the website. Although the information on the Wikipedia could not be enough creditable, the process of how the website combines micro content from each individual to a large information database could be regarded as an example of sharing and recreating in Web 2.0.

3 Facebook

Facebook is known as the most popular social media in the wold. It could access to individual contact details on the mobiles which make users build their social media communities quickly. On the Facebook, users could send and share information and links to their friends. In this process, they could also add their comments.


Potential problems

Some problems also appear withstand the development of the Web 2.0. The first thing would be the reliability of the information that shared online by users. While all the people are enjoying the rich information as well as posting information on the internet, they would not ensure the reliability and quality of the information. Information is provided by users from different background and political stands. Take citizen journalism as an example, it bases on Web 2.0 democratic environment and considerably enriches the information outcomes, but also could be regarded as a critical issue because of the personalized opinion and garbling facts. Besides, the privacy of the users might also be mentioned. According to Hinton, S (2013), while using the social media and browser, some advertiser could also obtain interest of users and sell products. Although it could also be regard as a new approach of marketing, it need to be worries from a user’s angle.


Practice in Sakura Comic Shop campaign

In the process of how information spreads and how it is created and combined, the users of the internet are all under control. Put this in the marketing area, the notion, information could be related to the information about the products, for example the related events, the items, service and the philosophy. (Thackeray, R., Neiger, B. L 2008)

I am doing a comic bookshop social media communication campaign in this semester.

During the campaign, to attract more audiences’ attention, I send a lot of information related to the comic books. In this way, I want to make the homepage as a platform not only for item promoting but also as a place offer hot topic for comic fans to communicate. Understanding the term Web 2.0, I desire to maximize the effect though sharing and recreating process in my social media communication campaign. I also use tag on the Instagram and send comic images related to recent hottest comic book in order to make more people know about the project.

Web 2.0 also allow users to take advantages of different format to send information. I would send video, images and text information in order to give a better experience for my target audience.



Web 2.0 helps provide a more democratic internet environment. Each individual could have an opportunity of creating and communicating online. The main philosophy of Web 2.0 is an internet-based platform which could allow different information be created and combined from different users. There are two features of Web 2.0: micro content and social media. The term micro content is related to the main philosophy of Web 2.0. The other one, Social media, are a number of applications based on Web 2.0 Philosophy and technology. Taking advantages of new technology, social media could develop a richer user experience as well as the democratic internet environment. Though Web 2.0 has bring a great number of profits and offer a more enjoyable online experience, some potential problems should be considered. One would be the reliability of information post online and the other is the user privacy protection.




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One thought on “Web 2.0: An evolution of internet environment

  1. Your essay has great structure and clear logic about the description of web 2.0, and also analyses some potential problems about it. But best of all, your reflections about using those features in your campaign is the good side for your essay. Web 2.0 absolutely creates a democratic cyber environment for people, but also the problems of web 2.0 have been mentioned in your essay. As the online citizen journalism for the example, the personalised opinion may misdirect and garble information sometimes. But it is worthwhile to expand the topic of citizen journalism and describe some exact example for support your idea. It will make your point more convince.
    And I would like to talk about your campaign because your Sakura comic shop is so attractive for me! A great point in your essay is that how to use some features of web 2.0 to operate your comic shop, the push service is the most attractive function in those social media platforms. Hence enough contents could be released on those platforms at exact time and date. Furthermore, using those social media apps as the communication platforms for same interest communities is an effect way to rise the attention degree of the campaign.


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