One Ticket One Story

    I want to create a group named One Ticket One Story.This group is a interest collection group.The theme of my topic is Tickets and Stories.A ticket be with you for a short time but it can leave you some special memories.The current project for my group is collecting tickets.People are required to post their tickets and write their stories about these tickets in Weibo.Different kinds of tickets show people their particular with other.A ticket just a guide for people to show their life.

     My target audience is young people and middle age people,the age period from 18-35years old.For example college students.Students usually have more flexible time than others.They have flexible time to hang out with friends or do more activities.If they post in my group they can show their life and exchange experiences with their classmates and friends.For the mid age people,a lot of work makes them feel tired and busy. Most of them do not have a lot of spare time to make their life exquisite.In this impetuous social, it is becoming hard to write something from our heart.So my topic is providing a quiet space for those who want to record their life or when they just look back on.

Xuefan Wang


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