I, me & myself!

Well probably driven with a sense of radical narcissism, I profess love for thyself! I, me and myself is the topic/brand/product that I felt needed a facelift and social media exposure/ commodification the most. As a creative and communication professional with almost a decade long experience, I realized that if I can’t sell my skills to my audience than probably I not good enough at it. It is this sense of challenge that motivated me to design a social media campaign entirely around myself as a brand/product. Since mainstream social media platforms won’t serve my campaign objective much, I decided to create more pragmatic solutions. Behance, leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work will be my primary platform for this campaign aptly supported by the professional networking site Linkedin and Tumblr, a unique blend of social media platform and creative display.

Having started my advertising career as a Copywriter, I eventually climbed ranks to head the creative and communications vertical for India’s largest loyalty program management organization. I was driven by the unbridled passion to understand, practice, and implement evolving methods of communication strategies to engage, interact and influence a diverse consumer base of over 350 million. It is my professional experience and the expertise that I have developed over all the years that I would like to put up on auction through this social media campaign. My target audience would range from a varied demography, but can be segmented basis similarity of professional interests and objective. Vast majority of my audience uses social network sites as platforms for professional networking rather than socializing.


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