Social Media Design Brief-CC Beauty


屏幕快照 2016-04-02 23.11.37.png

CC Beauty is a rising international e-commerce trade brand that has been founded in Sydney by CC Beauty Co., Limited and focus on the market of China. CC Beauty is positioned as a specialized e-commerce brand for products with women. In CC Beauty women can find what they need for beauty. There are two kinds of products in CC Beauty, first is for getting more healthy and second is for wearing more fashion. And CC Beauty also has the share column to give customer some beauty tips.

Target Audience

Our market is focus on China.

  • Women:
  • Age16~24: for groups of girls we focus on health products, because they parents pay their bills and parents cannot refuse products which good for their daughter.
  • Age25~55: this group of women can pay their bills by themselves, and then we focus on health and fashion products, especially for fashion cloth and make-up.

And in these ages of women, they are willing to pay health products for their family.

  • Men:
  • Age25-45: in this range of man are willing to pay for themselves with fashion products.

Demographic Characteristics

  • Middle-income group, who have the capacity to buy high-quality products for health and fashion.
  • Age from 16 to 55, who care about beauty, especially women.
  • Focus on housewife and women who work in fashion industry.

Social Media

  • WeChat (most popular app in China)
  • Wedian (mobile shopping app for WeChat)
  • Weibo (like twitter in Australia, which most popular in China)
  • Taobao (like eBay in Australia, which most popular online shop in China)



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