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Social Media Design for Australia Fights Racism

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“Racism is only for humans”(Source: DeviantArt – XxDBZCancucksFanxX)

Australia Fights Racism is a non-profit organisation concerned with racism in Australia, which strives to raise awareness about racism and to promote respect towards people from different backgrounds and cultures. According to studies, while more than 80% of the population support both Australians and immigrants adapting to a changing Australian society, 14.5% of them are targets of racial discrimination, and from which 61% are in the form of verbal abuse (Markus, 2015). In this one-month online campaign for Australia Fights Racism, social media platforms, including the most popular Facebook and Twitter, will be used to communicate and actively engage the audiences.

Australian residents in general spend an average of 16.64 minutes on each Facebook usage occasion and 10.14 minutes on each Twitter usage occasion. The targeted audiences for Australia Fights Racism are those within the age group 30-49, which more than a half of them use social networking sites at least once daily, either in the morning before work or in the evening after work. Smartphone is the type of devices they use most to access social media (Sensis Pty Ltd., 2015).

A similar non-profit organisation in the country that aims to prevent racism is All Together Now, which promotes racial equality through education. The charity has presence on four social networking platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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