Social Media Design Brief- PLACEBOOK


Placebook is a cross-platform app created for offering and modifying the information of cultural sites and relics randomly in a worldwide range,especially for anonymous places requiring for public attention. This project was started in March of 2016, intending to afford a platform for users who would like to enjoy information sharing and interactive discussion in this field. Users can feature the places from different views including detailed history, grapevine, and anything related . For example, users could share stories of one particular old structure referred by local people, such as the reason why this building was vacant from 100 years ago, the origin of its historical paintings hanging on the wall, and the assumptions of its disappearing hosts. People could also vote which information sounds more reliable in an interactive way and re-edit the information like Quora.  It is a free app for users.

Target audience 

I decided my demographic of the audiences by travel interests and locations. This app is designed to satisfy the needs for a certain range of users, which is significantly different to other similar products like wikipedia.There are three kinds of primary users:

  • Travelers who have strong desire to know anywhere with a comprehensive understanding. They can be foreigners heading to another country or the scholars who want to search for multiple clues from folk wisdom.
  •  Local people who have particular knowledge of their surroundings . They could be elder who know particular things about that place,or young generations who have been told these kind of things and seek for information emerged.
  • Students who could gain knowledge of various connections of these places and the historical backgrounds behind.

There should also have secondary audience who would also influence the campaign,such as local authorities , organisations and local media.They could get information they needed in a low-cost way,which in return, is also an effective way to advertise this app.

About social media campaign

Placebook will create accounts of Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter utilised as social media platforms, as well as Weibo for those users who do not have an access to the platforms referred.The campaign would have various kinds of activities, including an online activity to design logo by users, which could make users engage actively in this campaign.

Mia (Ning Jing)



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