Social media brief – #LoveMyCareer

“#LoveYourCareer is a career & lifestyle coaching business that I’m launching for this assignment. The business idea is to provide advice style content to university students on how to land their #dreamjob. The social media campaign will follow a weekly program that offers themed advice on job hunting and preparing for a professional career. People following the program can interact with each other (and me) to share their experiences, ideas, and questions about the weekly advice and program.


The target audience in the broadest terms is anyone looking for career advice or inspiration! However, my specific target audience is female students (or recent graduates) from Australian universities, aged 18-28. The content will be ‘lifestyle’ oriented and snackable, with links into overall wellness, relationships, and self development. Pictures, short video & podcasts will be used, keeping in mind that most content will be viewed from a smartphone (as per 2015 Sensis Social Media Report). Content will also be themed around the top career goals of female students, as cited by the Universum Talent Research 2015 study. The priorities are, 1. To have work/life balance, 2. To have a secure or stable job, 3. To have an international career, 4. To be dedicated to a cause / serve a greater good.
The aim of the campaign is to build a subscriber base who engages in and follows the weekly advice.


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