Social Media Design Brief – #savetheocean



I have been provided a brief to develop and maintain the social media exposure to the Chinese public for an awareness campaign for Young Pioneer Disaster Response (YPDR), a non-profit organisation based in the Philippines.

YPDR started with the idea that the collective action of dedicated individuals, each utilizing their own skills to their maximum potential can affect great change in the world. Over nearly two years, YPDR has become a large-scale professional humanitarian disaster response with more than 2,000 volunteers from 31 countries and 170 local workers and the ongoing rehabilitation efforts of the Philippines.

YPDR has a new campaign that will focus on the marine restoration by constructing marine domes through the use of artificial reefs to mimic native coral, attract fish, and stimulate coral regeneration as well as building a low impact oceanographic research vessel, a floating bamboo raft for marine dome deployments.

The key demographic of this campaign will be Chinese public in China. This campaign is focused on increasing the general awareness of issues affecting the ocean and YPDR’s efforts in ocean conservation. The campaign will also extend to seek individuals and groups who are willing to collaborate or contribute as volunteers and donors.

The campaign will utilise mainstream Chinese media and social media platforms to disseminate the information of marine restoration by using #savetheocean, which will benefit the organisation expanding Chinese market and enlarging the influence in China.


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