Social Media Design Brief: PJ Orr/Foggy Notion

I will create a promotional campaign for emerging Sydney musician PJ Orr and his debut album Foggy Notion. In the lead up to the physical release of the album, PJ will play several live shows. My project will revolve around these activities and seek to raise his profile online (and around town).

PJ’s target audience consists of male—female, album-orientated music lovers, from their late 20s – early 40s, who routinely attend live gigs at venues like the Metro theatre and the Brighton Up Bar. The ‘throw back’ culture crowd – people who own record players and listen to 70’s guitar music on vinyl. They read magazines like Uncut; websites like Pitchfork.

A group of discerning listeners; more inclined to play music from their own collection than rely on radio (or a curating service). Online but not ‘cutting edge’: they follow bands on Facebook/Instagram, they watch live performances/interview clips on YouTube, purchase a little bit of music on iTunes.

But most wouldn’t know their Tumblr from their Flickr.

They’re suspicious of social media, particularly platforms associated with teenager/transient pop culture (ie SnapChat). Although they have a sense of humour, they savour substance. Any hint of a gimmick or a ‘reach’ and PJ will be dismissed by this community. This project will be a balancing act in Indie Cred.


Foggy Notion front textured shaded original background 30x30cm RGB jpeg 300dpi.jpg


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