REVE FM turns 21 – Social Media Design Brief

Reve FM is a community radio station targeted at young people who embrace EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and dance culture. We provide a unique blend of music programming mixed live in the studio by professional and up-and-coming DJs and producers. Our content is created by the youth community for the youth community. Our announcers are DJs who work in clubs and venues around Sydney. Reve FM is a not for profit organisation consisting mostly of volunteers.

Our listeners value a strong sense of community centred around dance music experienced socially in clubs, at festivals, and at house parties. Our audience is the youth of Sydney, aged 16-24 years old, 60% male / 40% female. Peer reinforcement and shared experiences (online and offline) are priorities for our audience, research has found. Listeners interact daily with popular and emerging social network sites to “see” and “be seen” – tagging each other, sharing new music, and interacting with shows and DJs via comments, likes, images (GIFs, selfies), Snaps and hashtags (co-)created across multiple platforms.

Social media interaction reinforces that our listeners and their friends are part of the EDM scene. Our audience uses the radio product, physical events and online communities to strengthen their values and interests. Relationships are built and maintained through the shared love of EDM and youth culture; a sense of belonging where everyone is welcome.


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