Social Media Design Brief–‘Naive Music’

‘Naive Music’ is a non-profit organization which focuses on music communication and production. It motivates members to create songs and provides help of music arrangement, demo recording and other music guidance through members’ collaboration.

There are a great number of people who are fond of music. However, most of them are not professional musicians. They might be only skilled in specific music fields, such as playing musical instruments, singing or making music arrangement. ‘Naive Music’ could connect these people together, giving opportunities for music communication. Members could find their bosom friends in the field of music and help each other, creating great new songs and new bands.

Actually, there exists a multitude number of music production companies while they are profit-oriented and not universal. By contrast, target audiences of ‘Naive Music’ are the public no matter of their background, age and gender. ‘Naive Music’  would start a campaign to engage members to write parts of  a song and combine them together to be a great new song, reflecting an idea that ‘everyone could create a song’. If only you love music and are glad to communicate with each other in music, you can join in and realize your dream.


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