Social Media Design Brief – Help Strays Organization

Help Strays is a non-profit organization which helps saving stray cats, dogs and other animals. The aim of the organization is to appeal for adopting pets instead of buying them. It encourages people to respect life and protect animals. The organization will raise funds to build shelters for animals which members have saved and get treatments for injured animals. Those information will be published in the SOS news section on the official website which could show people the conditions of stray animals in the current society. The operation of Help Strays will be directed by the World Society of the Protection of Animals (WSPA ) and learning the management model from other protecting animal organizations.

The target audience of Help Strays are the people who are willing to be taking care of stray animals and who are interested in this salvation. The age of targets audience will between 18- 60 years old. People who have works with stable income sources and interested in adopting strays. As most stray animals have been hurt, this situation could result some animal mental illness. Those having experience in raising stray animals such as volunteers in helping strays or pet doctors are welcomed by the organization.


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