Social Media Design Brief -Hello China App

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The Hello China App:

It is a product I create to help study Chinese. It can provide a learning context combing comic picture, mini video with daily life dialogue. To replace traditional test, users can improve through games and rewards. To students at different levels, there are corresponded materials. It also supports multiscreen users.

Target Audience:

The heavy users will be Chinese learners aged from 5 to 25, including Chinese ethnic minorities students, foreign students, oversea-bored Chinese. There will be also a small group of users with a wider range, who are Chinese-based employees and Chinese culture fan. Another group we cannot ignore is the teacher teaching Chinese because they can be loud speakers for us and recommend Hello China to their students, who will be our potential users. Considering students under 12 are unlikely to have access to social media, our promotion will mostly aim at teenagers, college-aged students and Chinese teachers.

Social Media Design Brief:

According to the research-based analysis, we will have at least two posts every day (Youtube only once at noon). One is Chinese character teaching, the other is about culture (festivals or news). On the days that are not festivals, contents can be either nearest festival or interesting news. On Monday, Thursday, Friday, there will be one more extra weekly post. Besides, to promote our app, app new version release interaction and quarterly, mid-year bulletin will be added into our posts. Online activities like ASK alert and Chinese lecture competition will be part of the promotion as well.

Post time based on:

  1. https://blog.bufferapp.com/best-time-to-tweet-research
  2. https://blog.bufferapp.com/best-time-to-tweet-post-to-facebook-send-emails-publish-blogposts

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