Social Media Design Brief – ACMES

The Australian Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (ACMES) is a non-profit, research organisation whose main objective is to produce academic research and professional translations on political, social, and cultural issues in the Middle East region, with the aim of bridging the language (and by default) cultural gap between the Middle East and the West. The centre already publishes its research papers and translations on its website, ACMES.com.

ACMES publishes the academic papers of experts on the Middle East and Islam, with particular favour given to academics who bring forth more critical and alternative ideas compared to the ones given the most airtime on mainstream Western media today.

This social media proposal proposes communicating the centre’s academic findings and translations in more innovative, engaging ways to the wider Western public, with the target audience particularly being (as per information obtained from the organisation):

– people from Western, English-speaking countries
– university students
– political activists
– political action groups
– people and groups interested in Middle East developments and issues related to Islam

The main social media design proposal for ACMES would be for the centre to move into the sphere of online video media. ACMES already produces considerable amounts of research papers and professional translations of academic text-based content, but this design proposes that online interactive videos (based on information from the centre’s research findings) and video translations be produced, all of which will be uploaded on YouTube, and further publicised through Facebook and Twitter.


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