Social Media Communication Brief – iScreen

iScreen is a comprehensive film information website, which aim is to share feelings, ideas about films, and to find friends with similar interests. The website has basic functions, such as latest movie information, movie history, tidbits and gossip news, untold stories, bloopers, movie star interviews, film review, and online film communicate platform. Special functions are available for membership, iScreen provides an amount of high definition film resources to download, and online shops sale film related products. Membership can enjoy discount film tickets. iScreen will send ten free tickets to lucky members every month. The latest information, activities, and selected film reviews will be updated on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo.

Target audience of iScreen are film fans, and the demographic of the fans are mostly between 18 to 45. Firstly, This group of people uses social media platforms and the Internet everyday, so they can easily get and share the information through social platforms. Secondly, They have energy and passion to find like-minded friends, and communicate with each other, both online and in the real life. Target audience also includes freelancers, who like to write film reviews. iScreen is an ideal platform to post their works on. In addition to fans and freelancers, iScreen also welcomes film related practitioners to become our memberships to absorb different ideas which would benefit their own careers.

Lingxi Liu


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