VANN – Social Media Brief


VANN is for those who devote themselves to fashion.

It is for those who care about the way they feel, how they inhabit the world.

It is comfortable to wear and very versatile.

It is as basic as the necessities of life.

You will see and touch the experience we have been seeking for a long time.

VANN, an upcoming boutique, aims to provide high-quality, comfortable, innovative and functional, but affordable garments for women by reinventing our everyday uniform. It provides simple solution for those who struggle about their everyday outfit. The designs are plain, casual and very versatile that allows the customers to fit with their own style.

VANN targets on urban females between 18 to 40 years old who spend times and efforts on selecting their outfit every day. They put great emphasis on their appearance and regularly read fashion news to catch up with the trend. Checking updates from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is very popular among our targeted customers nowadays. Consequently, these online platforms will be utilized as the major way for VANN to gain interaction with them anywhere and anytime.

VANN will be opening soon. It offers a cozy shopping environment for enhancing belonging and bonding.



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