Ulos by Oti – Social Media Design Brief


Ulos by Oti is an Indonesian fashion brand of an artisan made Batak’s traditional fabric in the form of scarves and shawls. Established in February 2016, the brand aspires to inspire its target audience with the value of Batak’s culture that is embodied within the design and detail of every piece of Ulos. Scarves and shawls are there to accentuate your look and help you stand in the crowd i.e. putting you in the limelight.

The primary audience is fashion community with focus to the Indonesian fashion community that consists of all genders around 20 – 35 years old, avid social media user, fashion enthusiasts, and trendsetters.

The members of fashion community generally generate and/or create their own content thus they can be categorised as “produser.” Pihl (2013) offers his finding on the characteristic of fashion community as follow:

  • The community has a strong tie;
  • The community often referred to each other;
  • Some has a “higher degree of centrality” which indicates the opportunity to influence and be influenced does exist; and
  • The community has a shared consciousness. They encourage and compliment each other postings on the web and there is an instance where they are proven loyal to each other.

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