[THE URBANIST] SM Campaign Design Brief

[THE URBANIST] is a brand new independent fashion brand, targeting women 30-49 years with unique lifestyles. Brand persona refers as follows: “I am confident. I am independent. I am passionate. I am feminine. I am talented. I am who I am. And I’m not apologizing”.

The creative concept is “This is my life” and aims to broadcast real women stories that are worth telling, using the #NoApologies. Produsers will be encouraged to post their stories as well, and the best ones will be posted on [TU] social media platforms along with real pictures. This will encourage interaction and boost engagement.

After analyzing over 15 fashion brands from USA, Europe, and Australia (Asia was not considered on purpose due to ethnicity and different social media platforms), that target women between 25 to 50 years, research showed:

  • Content: there are three basic axis of content: fashion broadcast (new collections, discounts, backstage material), Inspiration (lifestyle, Quotes, Tutorials) and Collaborations (Models and It Girls, Artists and photographers, sportswomen)
  • Investment through sponsored ads (most common), spokespersons accounts (payed), banners and owned blogs.
  • Social Media Platforms:

Facebook is a “Must have” platform (183.6 million target users worldwide, 1.66 million Australia) due to highest potential reach

Instagram and Pinterest are “Core Target” platforms, key for campaign performance due to high relation with fashion and inspiration (Instagram: 59.1 M target users worldwide, 0.75 M AU; Pinterest: 19.9 M worldwide, 0.06 AU)

Twitter has lower penetration in target but higher interaction, need for “Up to date content Delivery” and specially designed content (32.9 M target users worldwide, 0.29 M AU)

Youtube and Google+ are low penetration in target plus low interaction platforms in target, hence “skippable” platforms

Tumblr, Foursquare, Snapchat and owned blogs are the least common but target specific needs and uses more efficiently, hence getting better engagement rates

After deep analysis, social media ecosystem for [TU] will be the following:

  1. Facebook –> Role: Fan-exclusive content, Activity: Mid to low (1-2 posts per day)
  2. Pinterest& Instagram –> Role: Inspiration & Fashion showcase, Activity: High (Pinterest 5-8 posts per day, instagram 3-4 posts per day)
  3. Twitter –> Role: Daily engagement, Activity: High (4-6 posts per day)
  4. Tumblr –> Role: Fashion Showcase & Daily engagement, Activity: Mid (2-3 posts per day)
  5. Spotify –> Role: Value add and differentiation , Activity: Mid (9 original playlists)


Campaign will be deployed in three stages: (1) Teaser, sharing stories with #NoApologizing (w1), (2) Brand Release (w2) and (3) Building equity & Loyalty (w 3 to 12). Content has been divided onto 14 categories, and each platform has had content developed specifically to target the platforms audience, in their unique language and interests.



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