SSHKS –Social Media Design Brief

Picture1SSHKS – The Society for the Support of Hong Kong Students

The organisation I am creating is SSHKS which is a community-based organisation in Hong Kong. The organisation is formed by a group of volunteers in Hong Kong. Recently, four students have committed suicide in five days last week (Cheung & Chiu 2016).  Twenty-two Hong Kong students have killed themselves since September; the youngest one was only 10 (Cheung & Chiu 2016). Children, the next generation, are suffering from stress and mental illness due to heavy study workload and problematic parenting. Our main goal is prevent children from committing suicide by providing support and education for students in Hong Kong.  Our missions include providing mental health consultation for students, raising public awareness on children’s emotional well-being, inspiring young generation the appreciation of life, as well as providing a platform for sharing opinions.

Who are our desired audiences for social media campaign?

All students (aged 7-25) who are studying at primary school, secondary school and tertiary education in Hong Kong are our target audiences. Parents who have children (aged 3-25) are one of target groups since they directly affect children’s emotion and value. Teachers who are involved in primary education, secondary education and tertiary education in Hong Kong are desired audiences as they influence student’s mind and value to a certain extent. Medical practitioners including psychologists, mental health consultants and doctors/therapists for mental health are important since they can provide more essential information of mental health for all of us. Hong Kong government would provide more supporting services, for example, increasing resources on mental health services.


Cheung, E and Chiu, P 2016, ‘Students at breaking point: Hong Kong announces emergency measures after 22 suicides since the start of the academic year’, South China Morning Post, 12, March, viewed 12 March 2016, http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/1923465/students-breaking-point-hong-kong-announces

Man Kwan LI (Yoda)


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