Social media design brie


ZHOU YEZI 450108064

project-Painting Hero

My social media design is for Painting Hero which is one of the biggest institutions of film developing located in Hangzhou China. It was originally founded in the early 70s as the “Oriental studio”. As a former state-run photo studio by far, it has witnessed the ups and downs of the film. Now, it owns two stores, one micro jet art studio, a professional studio and two darkrooms, more than 20 000 members. This institution provides kinds of services, including film developing and scanning, film and creative products selling, postcard and album customizing, frame mounting and giclee making.

Painting Hero group is composed of young people who are passionate about photography and have dreams. They get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, introducing a variety of creative photographic products.


Target audience:

  1. the film lovers
  2. young people 18-30 years old

3.professional Photo studio, photographers who want to output photographic works.


Communication habits:

  1. based on social media platforms

2.photo sharing is an important method for communication

  1. want to highlight the feeling of existence




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