GoCurvy Social Media Design Brief



About GoCurvy

GoCurvy is a plus-size fashion designer brand destination in sizes 14+, which is believed to be a shopping paradise for plus-size girls. It has just open its first boutique in March 2016, located in Rhodes, NSW Australia. The brand believes that it is not the exclusive right for slim girls to wear gorgeous clothes, and there is no wrong way for fat girls to have sexy dresses. GoCurvy is committed to give full play to the stunning point of every plus-size girl’s figure and help them meet a new self.

Key Message

GoCurvy offers a wide variety of fabulous dressing exclusively designed for plus-size girls with the most professional dress guides and weekly activities. The brand wants to convey a positive, confident and healthy lifestyle towards every plus-size girl.

Target Audience

  • Women in sizes 14+, aged between 18-35, from the mid-class background.

– Those who are fashionable. – Those who are not confident in their figures and want to be more charming.- Those who have no idea about what they should wear.

  • Potential employees.
  • Friends, relatives and boyfriends of those plus-sizes girls.


The campaign will utilise various of mainstream social media platforms that the target audience mostly use to engage with the potential audience by making daily posts, offering dress collocation tips, creating interesting topics and answering weekly questions.


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