Girls of the Hills – Social Media Design Brief

‘Over the Hill’ is a (fictional) community-based fitness group in the Hills District, North-West Sydney. They are well-established in the community and run free workout sessions throughout the week. ‘Girls of the Hills’ is a social media campaign they are running to increase physical activity among girls in the area and to raise awareness of healthy habits.

Physical activity in young adult females tends to decrease at a faster rate than males after leaving school. And so, the campaign will target females aged 17-29 years in the Hills District area. The campaign hopes to motivate females to continue being physically active, and to encourage those who have become physically inactive, by demonstrating how to incorporate inexpensive physical activity into their daily routine in various environments.

Social media is an important form of communication among this group, with the most common being Facebook and Instagram. These platforms, as well as a blog and Youtube channel, will be used throughout this campaign. The content will be localised to the Hills District, and will encourage active participation online which will hopefully motivate the audience to become more physically active and adopt healthy habits.

Courtney West



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